@p I should be saying that to you wtf,

@n yEah son hit me up sometime ;-0

@n I had to search around a bit sorry for the delay but it’s called fuan no tane aaaand there’s another series like it by the same author so. plenty of creepy stuff to enjoy

@n it’s a little hard to find his stuff, I had to buy them online, but that was a few years ago so maybe it’s easier now idk :-T but yeAH CHECK HIM OUt the stories are p unique I think ((I can’t honestly say I’ve read much horror lmao)) and the translation isn’t half bad


@l omFG MY FAMILy always says I look like her too maybe you’re all onto something

@d yoU DO SPY ALPACA!!MY BOYfriend

@d yoU DO SPY ALPACA!!MY BOYfriend

@p it’s aboUT….FOOTBALL…….BUT DON’t let that scare you off I swear it’s really good omfg bc frIENDSHIP AND TEAMWORK HECK YEAH ((AND THE ARt is amaziNg and the characters are all babies and the games are really interesting and exciting and whoahahahah))

@i it really really is please read it you will not regret.

@s ohhh fuCk why are you doing this to meee;; buT I THINK MY TOp two are proooobably juumonji and the kid?? But I like rui a lot too humm and musashi and…fuck„