I can’t even concentrate on eyeshield 21 right now I’m so ??????words

Do you ever give up on reading a sentence before you even start it because it looks too long

Laughs sorry I’ve only been posting doodles lately all my hard work has been going into a couple commissioned pieces;;

That’s a prime example of why don’t compliment me idk how to handle it;; sorRY ANON OMFG

I can die happy now :’-)

I can die happy now :’-)

I keep thinking hinata’s tie is the deviantart logo


Feel free to keep sending requests but I’m finishing mikeys and then I’m probably done for the day uou my parents will be home soon so;;

Idk what to draw….. give me dang romps ideas or I’ll prob just draw a bunch of half naked chihiros;;


I talk to my teapot to calm it down when it’s whistling