There will always be a small part of me that still loves bleach

There will always be a small part of me that still loves bleach

KAITO - Talk Dirty to Me
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whenever you’re sad just listen to this

"" were my light" GROSS SOBBING

I’m going thru my blog now bc it’s been a while and now I’m crying bc I had these pages posted

I thought u were gone forever from tumlr

I am ((I’ve p much switched over to twitter and always forget about tumblr lmao follow me @the5i2 ;^o))

Alyssa/teenidolevilking tagged me and I’m not tagging anyone bc I don’t wanna think of questions ok :^) also I’m on my phone so excuse the unformatted mess

1. have you played okage yet? I’m dating the young man who believes in justice

2. whats your favorite song to dance to? Idk tbh but we just started choreographing a number in godspell and it was pretty fun

3. who are your favorite musical artists? The national aaand stuff

4. coke or pepsi? I like coke better than pepsi but diet pepsi better than diet coke

5. what are your dream jobs? IDK I’m gonna go to school for business..

6. do you think your dreams jobs are reachable? Everything is attainable if u work hard enough ;^*

7. have you played okage yet? Child

8. would you rather live in the city or by the sea? By the sea near the city lmao

9. do you put on your left shoe on first or your right? UMMMM I think my left usually…maybe??

10. what’s your chinese zodiac sign? The bull or ox I don’t remember which zodiac is which animal„

11. are you waiting for something? Summer to come back………….

My girls

My girls



Number One Fan - A T2/Model!Aoyagi Yowamushi Pedal Fanfiction


5i2 posted a little idea about model!Aoyagi with Teshima collecting pictures of him, and my mind immediately jumped on it, cause any idea involved models/ceos/actors is instantly a favourite >w<

It probably came out rather differently than the original post meant it, but I just wrote it as it came and this is how it happened ^^

And ugh, Aoyagi was so hard to write in this one, so I’m sorry if it’s awful and OOC…

Summary: Aoyagi is a famous model with global success, but he knows who his number one fan is and will do whatever he can to keep it that way…

Word Count: 953

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